About Us

The Scorleo brings you an exclusive range of Women western wear to take your wardrobe up a notch. Ever wonder if you could get a hold of something you just saw on screen? With us, you can catch those eye-catchers in a click. 

It’s you we admire the most. We aim to bring the trend to your doorstep and to bring out the diva inside you. With The Scorleo you get the best out of every purchase without placing your highest bid. By assuring you get what you see and that it’s flawless, we aim to fire up…

                                       The Fashion Break-In

We are a team of fashion connoisseurs and trend trackers, who know what the eyes are looking at. So get the groove on, keep in track with the latest trends and discover your style with us.

The Fashion.…

We are in love with outfits and outfitting. It is our passion to explore the trends, be it twitter, TV or stars. We find out what’s hot and direct it to you. What we love the most about fashion is the self-love it creates and you deserve to feel beautiful, even on the outside. We are here to provide comfortable fashion that gives you the confidence to flaunt yourself along with your clothes. 

The Break-In!

With us, you will embark on a journey of finding what suits you best, combined with what you desire. You are unique and so should be your style and we make sure you never go out of style. What sunders your style is how you let your personality embrace it, and just so it happens, we will be your guide.